Downside to high standards, everyone holds you to them…

The general level of what is currently acceptable behavior in society is low; what is required of people in America is less and less, especially morally.  People set low expectations and have low standards for themselves, others, and society so that they can be unaccountable and don’t have to do anything significant without being judged too harshly.  They also have low values and sense of self-worth which adds to their low level of expectations and low standards; settling for BS because deep down they know they are full of BS too.  The best they can do is to hope to never be found out by others exactly how full of it they are, or find someone else equally full of it and the two go on and live “happily” ignoring the nonsense of the other, or going along with it.  Perhaps they find someone equally full of it so that they cannot be accountable for their own inadequate life.  People want to be able to get away with living a hypocritical, contradictory, and completely inadequate and unexamined life so they choose people with similar standards and objectives.  If you set the bar low, people will expect less, judge less harshly, and lower their standards to accommodate the high proportion of hypocrisy and ignorance that is currently flourishing throughout society.

One aspect of the corrupt nature of our society is that people set high standards, then settle for much lower standards; which is another example of low self-worth.  You hate people who smoke, and yet you smoke nearly a pack of cigarettes a day.  How many people say, “I would never date a person who has kids, or does XYZ,” when they have kids of their own and participate in X,Y, and Z continually?  Right now some young lady is looking for a man over 6ft, no kids, light-skin, athletic body, professional/ educated, owns a car, and lives alone.  On the other hand, she is 5’4, closer to a 2-liter than a coke bottle, as dark as night or as pale as the snow, two “baby daddy’s,” working at Taco Bell while finishing your associate’s in general education, loves with her parents while she shares a room with her little sister, and consistently needs to borrow money to put on her metro card.  But you better come at her correct!

You want a man with a muscular, athletic body type when you don’t look like you’ve missed very many meals lately.  Really, BBW?  Apparently your idea of athletic for yourself is somewhere on the offensive line of your favorite football team.  Either that or you are completely delusional; that type of body requires exercise and it doesn’t appear that you’ve broken a sweat outside of digging your way to the bottom of the tub of Rocky Road ice cream.  “I would never date a man without a degree.”  Ok, and your certificate from nail and hair school counts?  You want a man who’s a professional and has more than just a Bachelors degree, and you’re still working on your Associate’s from an online college that you’ve been “attending” for 5 years.  “I hate girls who slept with a lot of people including people I know and consider friends.”  Oh yea?  Never stopped you from sleeping around or with her friends.  So pretty much you wouldn’t date yourself!  No wonder… You’ve set a standard that not even you can meet, good job.  Now here’s the lesson:  Make sure you have the courage and discipline to be who you say you are and be what you’re looking for.  Otherwise, your hypocritical and contradictory character will be returned unto you…

Contrarily, if one has high expectations and sets a standard of excellence, be prepared to be judged harshly.  Once you decide to stop being mediocre like everyone else, you cannot fall victim to the same problems and issues as everyone else; you expect better and so does everyone else, and they will criticize you accordingly.  Thus, the current solution in America is: if you don’t want to be held to a high standard, don’t have any.  If you’re not prepared and willing to follow through on the moral or ethical code that you promote and identify with, then don’t have any morals or ethics at all.  Otherwise your hypocritical and contradictory nature becomes the norm and people who do follow a moral or ethical code become ostracized.  Everyone loves a person of high morals and character; ALMOST as much as they like to witness that same person fail and fall victim to the high standards that they set for themselves and that other people in society are not able to meet.  Watching someone else fail at meeting their own level of expectations make the rest of society who would rather keep the bar low, feel better about their own level of ignorance and moral shortcomings.  To say, “I would never do that,” means that if you get caught doing “that,” you will receive the public’s wrath more harshly.

Don’t participate in behavior that you believe is unacceptable – hypocrisy is the root of confusion and ignorance.  People get confused due to lack of knowledge of standards and morals.  As a result, anything will do, and anything generally means low.  Ultimately, you will be judged to the same level, degree, and basis for which you judge others.  Thus, it’s ok to judge others; we must!  How else are we supposed to determine who we should stay away from and who poses a threat if we don’t judge?  They key is to not let your judgment of others supersede your own level of expectations and standards that you have for yourself.  The level of ignorance and hypocrisy has reached an all-time high.  The decline in America is the result of reduced expectations and low standards…


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